Friday, September 17, 2010

All the colors of the rainbow

It has been a very long time since Green Mum has been able to sit down and create a post. Have you missed it?

Anyway, being enrolled as a full time college student and of course "mummy"hood keeps a gal very busy.

How convenient that I picked a crafty topic for one of my school assignments. You ready for show and tell?

Making crayons into crayons.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New for SPRING- Fun with letters

My (almost) two year old is like a sponge these days. He just amazes me with the things he seems to learn everyday. Recently, he has been fascinated with the alphabet. Seriously. He is already (did I mention he wasn't even 2 yet?) starting to recognize letters.

Anyhow, his new found love of all things alphabet has inspired a new part of my spring collection. Here is a peek at just a few of my original designs.

In this case, my art is imitating my life instead of the other way around. :)

A is for Apple




Friday, January 29, 2010

He may be cute... but he's no supermodel. :)

I made this shirt for my son for Valentine's Day, but my husband decided to put it on him today. I had to take some pictures!!! He hates the camera. Such a shame because he is so cute. :)

Anyhow, this shirt is pretty stinkin' cute, too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gearing up for Spring!

I tell you. I have been so inspired by the spurts of 60 degree weather here in NC. Every time the sun comes out and the breeze is blowing warm air, I just feel like painting happy things for the kiddos... Here are just a few pictures from my new Spring collection of tshirts and totes:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Business

I had a customer request for a Monkey Tote. I really had a lot of fun on this one. Here's the project from start to mostly finished.. ;)

Step one:
Blank bag. Have you ever checked out They rock, by the way.

Step two:
Sketch it out in pencil.

Step 3:

And, finally... paint! This one was fairly simple.. but still C-U-T-E! I am hoping D-Monkey likes it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

and this is how the story goes...

I should be doing my schoolwork, but I am procrastinating... I realized that I had not posted anything to my blog since last month.
I thought it would be fun to try a new way to post on my blog. Let's spice things up a bit!

How about I share with you the story of the last custom order I had? Doesn't that sound like a great time? Great! Thankfully, the customer is a REALLY awesome lady. I had a few "issues" with gettings started on my end (meh), but I think it will have a happy ending.

The order was for a tan apron with a custom design for someone for Valentine's Day. Well...I thought I would go crazy and just use one of my regular white aprons and dye it... I bought some iDye color 402. Well, I am no good at reading and following directions. I should have KNOWN better.

Sooooo....unfortunately, after 2 failed attempts on dyeing the apron, I almost threw in the towel. Then, it hit me! "How about I go buy a TAN apron!?" DUH!

So I did...
I start out all of my designs with a sketch in pencil.

Then I paint...

Then, I outline...

Now I just have to give the paint a chance to dry, touch it up, and ship it out!

What a neat-o Valentine's Day gift idea!