Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkey Business

I had a customer request for a Monkey Tote. I really had a lot of fun on this one. Here's the project from start to mostly finished.. ;)

Step one:
Blank bag. Have you ever checked out They rock, by the way.

Step two:
Sketch it out in pencil.

Step 3:

And, finally... paint! This one was fairly simple.. but still C-U-T-E! I am hoping D-Monkey likes it!


Liz's Wares said...

That is very cute!

Now following your blog if you'd like to follow me back...

Debra said...

Love the monkey bag! I am now a follower, you can follow me back at:


Ilia said...

Ohmigosh, of course she'll looove it. You did an awesome job!