Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby's room art for less than eight bucks!

If you didn't already hear, we are expecting a baby girl this Thanksgiving. Life is going to be super fun raising a boy and a girl. Very exciting!

Anyhow, in order to make room for our new addition, we had to clear out my office (so sad!), and turn it into a nursery.

Once it was cleared, we were left with an empty and very purple room. Yup. Purple.

Nothing some paint and a new rug can't fix, right?

I need to post a picture of the curtains at the right length. My mom has since fixed the hem. :)
While my darling husband works on the closet and my mom worked on new curtains, I decided to add some art to her room. (Which, of course, brings us to the actual crafty part of this post).

Several months back, I saw a something pinned on Pinterest. It brought me to blog post on the blog Virginia & Charlie. I loved her idea. I sat with it for the longest time. Finally, I had a reason to do this project! I decided that the baby girl's room needed me to give it whirl.

So, of course, I ran to the craft store. I bought a 2 pack of inexpensive canvas for $7.99 and two bottles of puff paint-for $1.80 each. Other supplies I used: a pencil, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, ribbon and Elmer's glue (all of which I already had on hand).

First, I sketched out my design and then traced it with the puff paint. I let it dry and actually added another coat.

 Once that was completed, I let the puff paint dry for 48 hours. Then I painted over the top with my acrylic paint.
Finally, I added some ribbon around the edge of the canvas.
Now, we have something cute that Mommy made for her wall. Yay!