Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Super!

I saw these pinned on Pinterest a while ago, and I decided to go ahead and make them so I can have them ready for next month.  Being a mom, full time student, and a crafty genius wanna-be sometimes forces me to do things early.

They are just about the EASIEST Valentines EVER. Hey, you friends, you have to wait until next year. :P I saw it first!

This is the pin. The blog I was directed to is It's simply really. Get a close up shot of your kiddo holding his/her hand out. Add some text. Print it. Cut Slits. Insert lollipop.

Totally cute and totally awesome.

Yay for the internet. Yay for crafty people sharing their goodies. Yay for Pinterest!

Now, as far as the picture, please pay no attention to the scalloped edges. I couldn't find my scissors. The actual Valentines are being printed on better paper. This was just to give you all the general idea. 

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